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May. 16th, 1999 | 03:25 am
posted by: trixasaurus in muskrat_logs

XFKurtzwei: (( Guys I think i have Crabs))
SpA Carter: But, I won't let him.
SpA Carter: ((...))
SpA Carter: ((Um.))
XFKurtzwei: ((:: scratches roch uncontroalabbky::))
SpA Bambi: ((YUCK!))
SpA Carter: ((::Gags::))
SpA Bambi: ((::cringes:: NASTY!))
MarkXFrine: ((...scarred...for...life...))
SpA Bambi: ((::runs away to ralph::))
SpA Carter: ((Do you KNOW how long it's gonna take to erase that phrase form my mind, Kurtz!?))
SpA Bambi: ((God I will be scarred for life as well!))
MarkXFrine: ((here, this might help::reaches his foot through the screen and kicks him in the nuts::))
XFKurtzwei: (( No ))
SpA Carter: ((Long..long..time.))
SpA Carter: ((::Sobs:: Forever scarred..))
XFKurtzwei: ((:: enjoyed every second of the pain::))
MarkXFrine: ((::points and laughs::))
SpA Bambi: ((we can go to counselling Carter))
OnlineHost: SandshrwXL has entered the room.
OnlineHost: SandshrwXL has left the room.
MarkXFrine: ((count me in!))
SpA Carter: ((Yes..))
SpA Bambi: ::sighs::
SpA Carter: ((Just don't come to my current therapist..))
SpA Carter: (( He's gay.))
SpA Bambi: ::kicks an imaginary soccer ball::
XFKurtzwei: :: Feels a slight dampness in his pants and blushes beacuse he is embarresseed::
SpA Bambi: ((Really?))
SpA Carter: ((::Nodnod::))
MarkXFrine: ((a gay therapist...count me out))
SpA Carter: ((Freaks the hell outta me. ::Shudders:: "Group hug..!"))
SpA Bambi: ((::gags:: God Kurtz man person you are being... well... pottiesh))
SpA Carter: (("Ah..no."))
SpA Carter: ((::Cracks up::))
XFKurtzwei: (( you guys know i am kidding ))
SpA Carter: ((Better than english homework.))
SpA Bambi: ((I hope so!))
SpA Bambi: ((Well Carter... Gay Therapist,,, Homowork))
SpA Bambi: *HOME!
SpA Carter: ((::Cracks up::))
MarkXFrine: ((LOL!!!))
SpA Bambi: ((OOH MAN!))
SpA Carter: ((::Hasn't has this good a laugh ever since her aunt died::))
SpA Carter: ((::Seriously has to log::))
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