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(no subject)

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Jun. 15th, 1999 | 03:37 am
posted by: trixasaurus in muskrat_logs

SpA SculIy: Someone have midol?
SpA SculIy: Chez?
SpA Carter: ...
SpA Carter: ::Cracks up::
Com Hornet: Midol?
PwrEnclave: (9Its a Gun Off Of Unreal, Nickname, The Pocket Howitzer))
SpA SculIy: teehe
Com Hornet: I could use some of that!
SpA SculIy: LOL!
PwrEnclave: :Takes Aim At A Parking Meter:
SpA Carter: ...
SpA Carter: ::Ka-blink::
SpA Carter: ::Edges away from Greg behind Spam::
SpA SculIy: ::Laughs hysterically::
PwrEnclave: :Fires And Takes Aim At The next One:
Com Hornet: Those menstrual pains hurt!
PwrEnclave: :Slings Rifle:
Com Hornet: OoOh..
SpA SculIy: ..
SpA Carter: ...
Com Hornet: ::shuts up::
SpA Carter: ((::LOGS!!::))
SpA SculIy: Uh...::Backs up and trips over Chez::
Com Hornet: ((NO!))
Com Hornet: ((dont log!!!))
SpA Carter: ((LOL I HAVE TO!))
SpA SculIy: Ow.
PwrEnclave: :Trows A Brick At Scully:
OnlineHost: PwrEnclave rolled 3 65-sided dice: 63 7 19
SpA SculIy: OW!
Com Hornet: ((I'll report you to AOL!!!))
PwrEnclave: Mwahahahahaha
SpA SculIy: ::tackles Pwr to the ground::
PwrEnclave: Uh Oh
OnlineHost: SpA SculIy rolled 3 65-sided dice: 7 28 18
SpA Carter: ((You wouldn't! That would be my last warning and I'd lose AOL!))
PwrEnclave: ACK!
PwrEnclave: :Kicks Her Off:
SpA SculIy: ::punches him instead::
SpA Carter: ((Forever and ever and everrrrrrr...))
OnlineHost: PwrEnclave rolled 3 65-sided dice: 8 63 16
OnlineHost: SpA SculIy rolled 3 65-sided dice: 59 37 39
Com Hornet: ((then dont log!))
PwrEnclave: :Runs And Hides:
SpA Carter: ((TOO LATE! :P))
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