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Jul. 7th, 1999 | 03:40 am
posted by: trixasaurus in muskrat_logs

IWanaMini: much pain comes to my teeth
IWanaMini: mucho grandes
SpA Carter: much pain comes to my feelings...all mara's doing is teaming up with amber..
</font> IWanaMini: Well she smells
IWanaMini: Anyway
IWanaMini: Back to my teeth..
SpA Carter: ::Cracks up::
</font> IWanaMini: lol
IWanaMini: sh
IWanaMini: This dentist is coming at me with this drill,K?
SpA Carter: Kay
</font> IWanaMini: And Im like Oh my god... and it gows REEREEERERRR and I can still FEEEEEEL it
IWanaMini: And i SCREAMED
SpA Carter: LOL
</font> IWanaMini: I was lieke GIVE ME THE GAS GIVE ME THE GAS
IWanaMini: and ghe gave me another shot
SpA Carter: LOL
</font> IWanaMini: And I could NOT FEEL or MOVE my tongue
SpA Carter: ::Cracks up::
</font> IWanaMini: But i could STILL FEEL the drill
IWanaMini: And i SCREAM
IWanaMini: Log that
SpA Carter: Kay LOL
</font> IWanaMini: LOL
SpA Carter: Even the </font> SpA Carter: much pain comes to my feelings...all mara's doing is teaming up with amber
</font> IWanaMini: Well she sme
IWanaMini: And I ate an onion ring and since I couldnt feen anything its just like hanging there in mymouth...
SpA Carter: ??
IWanaMini: she smells./...
IWanaMini: I did say shes me..
SpA Carter: Heh..k I'll log it..
IWanaMini: IWanaMini: Well she smells
IWanaMini: I bit my tongue so hard, I thought there was a gummi bear in my mouth. Little did I know it was my tongue, and I tried to eat it, therefore I have half the tongue I did before. But I couldnt tell what was going on, and how the gummi bear (my tongue) had gotten there, all I knew was that gummi bears were for chewing and chew I did...
SpA Carter: LOL
IWanaMini: SO here I am chewing on my tongue and my sister goes "Why are you eating your tongue?" And I was like "uhhh.. oh..."
SpA Carter: LoL
IWanaMini: Jeez
SpA Carter: LOL OK
SpA Carter:
So anyway my day SUCKS
SpA Carter: But I saw Shakespeare in Love..and..stuff..
IWanaMini: Mine, too.
SpA Carter: And ate SOUR PATCH KIDS which I could tell the difference from my tongue and it.
SpA Carter: So I'm SMART
SpA Carter: Kay
IWanaMini: Sh shut up
SpA Carter: ::Sh:: Hehehe.
IWanaMini: Oh*
IWanaMini: LOL
SpA Carter: LOL
SpA Carter:
Stuttering "Sh-sh-sh-shut up! ::Sobs::"
IWanaMini: lol
IWanaMini: Youre still calling me tomororororow, right?
SpA Carter: ::Fucks up:: I dunno am I?
IWanaMini: LMAO!
SpA Carter: Heeeheee!!
IWanaMini: You snot.
SpA Carter: ::Snot::
IWanaMini: ::Booger::
SpA Carter: ::NOOGIE::
IWanaMini: ::you mean loogie?::
SpA Carter: ...::Doesn't know where that came from::
IWanaMini: ::yeah::
IWanaMini: ::OK kase...::
SpA Carter: ::Damn::
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